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Pros and Cons of Attending A Bartending School and Bartending Experience

The success of a bar depends on the skills of the bartender. Whether it is a local bar or an upscale lounge, this is the most important quality for any type of establishment. Before you hire a bartender, it is important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of bartending experience and Bartending School.

Advantages of attending a bartending school

Bar school of Montreal conducts workshop that will assist you to manage your bar at home as well as prepare delicious cocktails. It offers them the required guidance to make the right beginning. The candidate learns from where to start.

By attending this school, a student gets ample practical exposure in a negligible pressure environment. On attending a bartending school, it helps in developing confidence for everyone who is new to this industry.

A student of this school gets assisting in creating a resume or facing an interview. This helps not just in building their confidence but also help them in achieving success in the interview. By attending this bar school, you get an opportunity to create networking.

Ecole du Bar de Montréal provides the bar as well as service training that is needed to arrive in perfect state in the job market. You can attend job placement programs to help you get placed in different bars easily.

Disadvantages of attending a bartending school

There is no major disadvantage of attending a bartending school. Unless you land the right job or keep honing your skills, whatever techniques or recipes that you have learned so far while attending a school will quickly be forgotten. Another disadvantage of attending a bartending school is that it can prove to be a major upfront expense.

What would be the cost of attending a bartending school?

The cost of attending a bartending school can range anywhere between $200 and $600 for a person in a forty-hour course. Though online courses may cost you less, but you won’t be provided with quality hands-on training and learning experience that is essential to develop dexterity and build experience.


These are important pros and cons you should consider when deciding whether bartending school is right for you or not. Most of the bar managers don’t recruit a bartender who has passed straight from the school.

They want one who has an experience and training certificate from a recognized institution. This shows that a business is serious and helps in developing a fundamental understanding of mixology.

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