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Where To Live When At Southampton University?

Here are some places and options where you can live when you are at Southampton University.

  1. Portswood

This is one of the most popular areas where students of Southampton University live. You can also live here. The area is really popular because if its high streets, downtown centers, shopping malls and other shops. The streets are full of cafes, bars and restaurants that offer quality food to the students and residents of the area.

When it comes to travelling and transport, the area has amazing network of transportation. Local and government buses operate here with the train system of the area. Moreover, there are a lot of hostels and accommodations available here that make it one of the most affordable options for the students.

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  1. Swaythling

For the students of Southampton University, this area is also one of the best options if they are looking for great accommodation. Swaythling is suitable for most of the students coming from other areas as it is close to the university and offers you affordable as well as amazing hostel services near to the university.

Talking about the facilities and services, here you will get everything. Shops are abundant with everything. Restaurants are also offering quality food and the students will also find the area a bit busy and enjoyable. Housing here is cheaper as well because of a large number of accommodations.

  1. Highfield

Highfield is another area where the students can get hostels for accommodation. The community living here is really amazing and the people are friendly. You will enjoy their company and love how joyful they are. The area is open and vast so you can expect some quality living here.

If you are worried about getting late, this area can be the ultimate option. Here the university distance is not much. You can easily attend your lectures. From food and other item perspective, the area is affordable and diverse. The shops are good and let you get everything within the town.

  1. Bassett

This area can also be another option really good for the students. It is even close to Highfield Campus and can be very convenient for the students of Boldrewood campus or Southampton General Hospital. Accommodation is cheaper here.

The great thing about this area is that it has a lot of sports facilities for the students living here as well as the residents of the area. The facilities include Southampton Snowsports Centre, Southampton Sports Centre, Southampton City Golf Course, and Red Lodge Community Swimming pool.

  1. Shirley

This area is near the edge of the city centre and the streets are full of shops, pubs, bars, cafes as well as restaurants. Most of the medical students live here because it has more facilities for them as compared to other students. If you want to enjoy the nightlife, this area can be the perfect option for you. There is a lot of hustle and bustle during night in this area attracting people from nearby areas as well.



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