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The Things You Need To Create Your Own Film Making Workshop Florida

Making video clips have become way easier in current times due to continuous advancement in technology. It is even possible to now shoot videos and edit them on the countless number of smart phones that are nothing but ubiquitous now. However, if you are really looking to go into film making, then here is a list of equipment that you should have in your film making workshop Florida.

  • Cameras

Your choice of camera is very pivotal as everything regards film making seem to revolve around it. depending on your budget, you can decide to go for a high end mirrorless camera or a DSLR (digital single-lens camera) or a low end one.

The sort of film you want to make also plays a role in the decision process as to which camera to buy. While camcorders are more fitting for certain events or documentaries, you would want cinema-type cameras if you are looking to get really high-quality images.

  • Sound Equipment

Getting the right sound quality is just as important as getting the right picture quality in any film production. While your camera might have a microphone, it isn’t your best option. To get a fantastic audio quality, it is better to get lavalier microphones or a directional microphone that can be carried on a boom pole. It is also important that you have a separate audio recorder that will provide you the option of listening to sounds even while recording them.

  • Tripods and Camera Support

This is a must have if you don’t want the result of your film making to look amateur. The tripods and camera support are there to make sure that the cameras are always kept steady. The right tripods would also ensure that you are able to pan or tilt your camera very smoothly. There are other camera supports such as sliders, electronic gimbal stabilizers and jibs that can be used to keep the camera steady under varying situations.

  • Lighting Equipment

Your film making workshop Florida can’t be complete until there is some light in it. Not just any light though but the right type. Depending on your budget, there are several types of lights that would be perfect for your workshop. This ranges between basic work lamps, led panels and CFL soft box lights amongst others.

On the other hand, your film making workshop should feature reflectors that can be used to enhance natural lights.

  • Editing and Storage

Whatever you choose to edit on, be it a mac or a pc, a phone or a tablet, be sure to ascertain that the device is powerful enough to run your editing program of choice. You should also do well to ensure that it has enough storage space for your prospective filming projects.

It is however still advisable that you get an external hard drive so you can back up all of your project for safety sake or for the sake of portability.

The requirements for creating a film making workshop goes beyond just raw talent and a passion for film making. The right tools are mandatory if you are to produce excellent results and these are some of the equipment that can get you well on your way.

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