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The Benefits of OSHA Safety Training

A Brief History of OSHA

OSHA had its beginning at the end of 1970 under the Nixon Administration. The acronym, OSHA, then stood for the Occupational Safety and Health Act, but with the implementation of a new administrative branch of the U.S. government, the A, act part of the acronym was changed to signify Administration. The Act and the Administration, OSHA, seek to protect American workers on the job in often dangerous work situations. There have been many fatalities and injuries in the time before the act was implemented and since these numbers are on the decline.

The main thrust of OSHA is education. An educated worker is less likely to be a fatality or even to be injured on the job. Armed with the education provided by independent sources,   trained and certified individual is a welcome addition to any workplace. OSHA is not only for construction and other high-risk occupations. There was an incident at a Florida newspaper in the seemingly safe composition department, at the time there was a great deal of cut and paste using razor knives to produce a page of the newspaper before it went to the presses. One associate of the newspaper dropped her razor knife and it landed squarely between her toes cutting through her canvas shoes. It was an “oh-no” kind of experience and caught the department off guard. But no pain was experienced by the worker nor was any blood visible, but seeing a razor knife projecting out of the worker’s shoes was a worrisome sight.

It was thankful that the sports editor working next door to the composition department had received OSHA training and certification, he took charge of the incident and the associate was rushed to a hospital, against her pleadings, where the razor knife was removed and little damage was done to her foot. The worst situation in any injury is to have a bunch of untrained people running around in disorder which only increases the tension and may serve to exacerbate the injury. In this case, a competently trained individual took control to the relief of the others standing around with many diverse opinions, none of which were as good as the person in control with the OSHA training certification.

The OSHA Training Certification

At least one senior, dependable member of every organization needs to take part in the OSHA training and receive the OSHA certificate. Classes are divided into ten hour and thirty hour sessions. Those receiving the certificate should proudly display it at their workstation so that other workers will recognize him or her as the trusted and go-to person in the event of any urgent situation occurring from life-threatening to less severe. This trained individual helps to coordinate emergency services and to prevent further injury to the injured employee.

This OSHA training and certification program provides valuable information to workers regarding their workers’ rights, employer responsibilities, and even how to file a complaint against faults in the workplace or with managers or fellow workers.


The OSHA Act and Administration is a valuable program and government department helping to secure workplace safety, no matter the industry. Taking the ten or thirty hour course will provide pertinent procedures for the person who receives the certification and will enable that person to coordinate a plan for treatment of the incident. Thanks to OSHA and those companies that administer the ten or thirty hour training program, the act and the programs have served to make the American workplace much safer.

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