The Perfect Ending

Jun 1, 2013 by

The Perfect Ending

By Shara Lawrence-Weiss

One of the primary goals of turning our kids into readers is so that we can encourage them to be thinkers, right? Reading gives us cause to pause – to think, reflect, ponder and choose ideas. This all ties in nicely with the concept of social emotional development and emotional literacy.

Many factors contribute to social emotional development including music, art, nature, play, and more.

Recently, my six year old daughter decided that she wants to write songs. She’s tried her hand at numerous ditties lately but this is my favorite, thus far. First, she mentions mommy at the top (haha – kidding). Seriously, it’s the ending that delighted me. Many of us in the field of education understand the importance of self regulation (it’s something we discuss with the kids in our Behavior room at school on a daily basis). We know that many children today are missing that little chip. A lot of kiddos (and grownups!) run on instant gratification and a “do whatever feels good right now” mode. In adulthood this can = relationship and career disaster. If we don’t know how to calm ourselves down and get rid of negative energy, harmful consequences ensue.

Our daughter has a hot temper. We’ve been working hard to teach her how to self regulate. We say, “You can read. You can jump up and down. You can scream with your door shut. You can spend time in your room, alone. You can count to 100 or jump on the trampoline. You can write things down on paper. Whatever works!”

Back to my point: this tiny little ditty made my heart happy. The ending line is perfectly perfect. She loves her family…”But when I want to be alone, I go in my bedroom.”



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  1. Ava

    It’s so important to give kids many tools to self regulate after they talk about how they feel and what hurt their feelings!
    I of course as you know in addition to all others you mentioned
    use songwriting as does Rebecca !
    We have been writing songs for years it is so fun and rewarding !
    So glad to see it happening on your end!

    • Ava – Yes, I know that you both write wonderful songs and I have listened to your daughter sing on YouTube. Some day – we’ll be attending her concerts, I am sure! 🙂 She’s great!

  2. Oh, how I LOVE this! So many underlying cognitive processes going on here in addition to the social-emotional piece:

    1) I love my family.

    2) I love alone time.

    3) These things are not mutually exclusive. I can love my family but wish to have space from them at the same time.

    …and maybe even…

    4) It’s okay to want to be alone. Love transcends space and time. We can be apart and still love each other (and possibly even, we can sometimes get mad and still love each other)…very important and VERY GOOD STUFF!

    ~Wendy =)

    • Wendy – Those are all very good lessons for kids and grown-ups and marriages, too! LOL. Thanks for the insight – I appreciate it.

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