Sweet Love Note

May 10, 2013 by

Sweet Love Note

By Shara Lawrence-Weiss

As mentioned in numerous posts on this site, our kids are exposed to literature in every room of the house: bookshelves, books, letters or cards, crafts that relate to letters and more. I leave writing tools in the kitchen, near the craft area, so my kids can use them at will.

The other day as I was getting ready for school (where I work) I found this note in the kitchen, from my six-year-old daughter. I sometimes put notes into my children’s snack boxes and she wanted to leave a note for me, in return. There are a few mistakes in this note but I was very pleased, nonetheless. Her writing is improving every day and she is learning so much (through our littering the environment set-up at home coupled with the phonics lessons at school and during her homework sessions).

Note to mommy from Sammy

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  1. Ava

    I love this note it’s so cute !!
    I have saved all my notes over the years !
    Notes are just such a loving exchange!
    And it just goes to show us kids do what we do including love!

    • Ava – My eldest son is now 14. I saved all of his notes, also, from early childhood. I put them into a little lunch box 🙂 Where do you save yours?

  2. Merrill

    I actually think about as to why you called this article, “Sweet Love
    Note – Emergent Literacy | Emergent Literacy”. Anyway I really
    admired the article!Thanks for your effort, Merrill

    • Merrill – That second “Emergent Literacy” comes from the SEO pack as an automatic addition to the title. It does look a bit funny, I agree!

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