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By Shara Lawrence-Weiss

As a part of our “Littering the Environment with Literacy” project I decided to leave out some of Dr. Sally’s little Make Your Own Books. I placed them on the kitchen table with crayons, pencils and markers.

make your own books

Inside view:

open book

Here is the first book that my daughter created at her leisure (she meant “nice” but used an “s” where there should be a “c.” I’m not complaining – the note is very thoughtful and kind):


Here is the second book she created for a neighbor’s mother. This time she spelled “nice” correctly. I’m not sure why she put a sad face – likely because it’s the opposite of happy. She drew happy first.


I gave no direction at all, as to how the books should be used. My daughter selected her own designs and text, as wanted. We have, however, used the books in the past. When I taught literacy workshops at a local bookstore, I often used these books with the kids. My own children later saw them in our garage and my daughter remembered the books from my workshops (even though she only about two years old at that time – she did recall the books to some degree and knew they had a story-telling purpose).

If you want to try this at home simply create your own little books to place on the table. Use brightly colored card-stock for a heavier book. Write “My Book” on the cover.

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Shara has a background in early childhood, education, freelance, small business ownership and nanny work. She is a Special Education Paraprofessional (K-5th). Shara is especially interested in social emotional development, literacy, play, nature, fostering community and cultivating creativity. In addition to writing for her own sites, Shara currently writes for Wikki Stix, Southern Sitters and Nannies, Market Mommy and more.


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  1. Hi, Dr. Sally here…
    Imagine my joy in seeing this “easy-to-make” book template continuing to be replicated! While it may not be easy to see from the picture, the “Open” and “Lift” pages are designed to have surprise pages right under them. This book is a win, win, win–
    * A way for a child to easily make a personalized book
    * A way for a book to have in it the element of surprise
    * A way for parents to be able to provide for their child an easy-to-do, high quality, creative “emergent literacy” experience.
    Thank you, Shara.

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