Emergent Literacy and Emotional Literacy

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Emergent Literacy and Emotional Literacy

By Ava Parnass

ava_and_RIt is really heartwarming and hopeful to see that the clinical research I base my practice on with children is now going mainstream!

Talk to any child therapist, educator or music therapist and we all know that the best way to grow happy children is by using music, feelings-techniques and play, when teaching children. This is why I create fun books and songs for parents and kids to help enhance the process of emergent emotional literacy.

But now the research is going even more mainstream and showing us that music and emotional intelligence contributes to emergent literacy which eventually increases reading literacy! I recently mentioned to Shara at Mommy Perks that I am really becoming trendy now with my mission to increase emotional literacy skills with books, music,  talking and empathy.

I was also discussing emergent emotional literacy and emergent reading literacy with Debra McNelis from Brain Insights and she sent me these two articles:

Brain Connections and Loving Connections are Created with Books – Not DVD’s

Study Finds Link Between Music and Preschoolers Reading Readiness

So for the parents reading this, what is the definition of  emergent literacy for reading or emergent emotional literacy? It’s the process of learning that starts very early from birth where baby’s learn and are taught in many different ways. The emerging process over the years eventually culminates in the ability to read and write. For emotions, it’s the ability to know how they feel inside, instead of communicating by misbehaving or overeating..

The literature goes on to say that emergent literacy has four cornerstones that are used to develop and enhance your children’s growth and development.

For parents who want to incorporate the new research, the four areas of the emergent process are:

  1. Language Development
  2. Physical Development
  3. Cognitive Development
  4. Social Emotional Development

Or in everyday terms: Love + Emotions + Music + Fun + Play = Emotional Intelligence = Emergent Literacy = Reading Literacy = Healthy Happy Literate Kids!

The new song “My Good Mood” and book are coming soon: “Time-In not Time Out” by Ava Parnass, Dr Lynne Kenney and Wendy Young. Stay tuned!

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  1. Ava

    Thanks for guest post share! I love this topic! Very meaningful!

  2. I love our new openness about emotions. I don’t know how we missed that as humans for so many years. We all grew up on logic and making sense out of data with not much regard for the major part of our being called “emotions.” More than what went on somewhere, we mostly remember how we felt. Ava, thank you so very much for this sensitive article. I love your new concept about “time-In and not time-out” and look forward to getting your new book about it.

  3. Ava

    Thank you so much DR Sally I appreciate you comments and feedback!
    I enjoy your work too!

  4. So interested to find this info. Knowing how we feel inside is so important and a great life skill. It goes hand in hand with the ability get along with others and positive self-worth.
    I have some introductory info on these areas that you mention on my website which I classify as
    Physical Development – moving,
    Social & Emotional Development – feeling,
    Thinking Skills – thinking,
    Communication Skills – relating.

    • Ava

      HI Lesley
      Thanks for lovely comment! Appreciate!
      yes we are on the same page, you suggest a lot of great resources for parents!
      I tried to find more about you and your twitter handle to follow and I couldn’t;) Mine is @listentomepleas

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