Below is a list of sites you may find helpful, as a parent, home educator, or teacher. Enjoy!

Parenting Tips with Dr. Sally

About: Sally Goldberg, Ph.D. was the first parenting expert on “Parent to Parent,” a FOX TV Channel 7 weekly news segment. Dr. Sally is a professor of education and parenting book author. Dr. Sally has been published often in a multitude of magazines across the country. Consumer Reports featured her concepts in two major editions of Best Baby Products. Dr. Sally worked for many years as an instructor of early childhood education on the adjunct faculties of Nova Southeastern University, Barry University, and the University of Phoenix. Well-known for her tools and strategies for self esteem development, Sally was a national conference presenter and a frequent guest on TV and radio.


About: Wendy Young, LMSW, BC is the Founder of Kidlutions. The Kidlutions mission is to provide all children with a sense of success in handling whatever problems come their way. We know that in life, success is not the absence of problems, but the ability to deal with them. Wendy graduated Summa Cum Laude from Michigan State University’s Clinical Social Work program and is a Board Certified Diplomate. She is the Behavioral Health Expert for, which is affiliated with NBC Studios. She maintains a private practice in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and consults to various programs. In addition to writing, Wendy is a sought after trainer for behavioral and mental health concerns of childhood.  Her interests include behavior management, helping caregivers and teachers deal more effectively with  challenging/difficult children, the impact of temperament on behavior, and infant and maternal mental health.

Listen To Me Please

About: Ava Parnass MSN C.S. a.k.a. “The Kid Whisperer,” is an Author, Songwriter and Child therapist who specializes in emotional literacy for babies and kids. Her books and songs encourages everyone to have fun, read and sing along and in the process learn how figuring out “hidden feelings” improves misbehaving, self esteem, bullying and overeating. Ms. Parnass also has a sub-specialty in the connection between emotional issues and childhood obesity. Ava is a Child Psychotherapist with over 20 years of experience and is invited to consult, speak and be interviewed often. She earned her Masters Degree at Columbia University. Prior to launching her writing career and private practice, Ms.Parnass worked at New York Hospital-Cornell in the child psychiatry department as a Family Therapy Supervisor.

Signing Families

About: Louise Sattler is a Nationally Certified School Psychologist and considered an expert in the fields of special education, general education, disaster preparedness for special populations and social media. Louise has been a frequent guest on radio and television programs and also a contributor to scores of print and online media.  She is a regular contributor to as one of their JustAsk! Experts. Louise is multilingual which is reflected in her company, SIGNING FAMILIES. Her Disaster Preparedness for Special Populations has been offered throughout the country and is considered a premiere training program for First Responders, Citizen Corps, and others.

Colour Me Music

About: Dara Blaker has been teaching music privately for 20 years. Her company Colour Me Music, is located in South Florida.  She has her bachelors of Music from NYU. She has developed curriculum for students as well as for training teachers. With her students in mind, Dara has also self published a collection of intermediate piano pieces entitled An Introduction to the Piano Works of Turetsky (Turetsky is Dara’s maiden name, which she uses in the musical world).

Early Childhood News and Resources

About: Shara Lawrence-Weiss has a background in education, early childhood, literacy workshops (at local bookstores), nanny work, charity service and freelance. She has served as a Library Board member and Secretary of the Pine-Strawberry Charity Group. Shara was nominated Future Teacher of the Year by college faculty and won Working Parent of the Year runner up for the state of Arizona. She has four children of her own (2 boys, 2 girls). Shara has worked with children for more than 25 years and was a nanny for 16 years (ages birth-13). She has worked in preschools as a teacher aide, elementary classrooms and private homes. Shara’s content work has appeared in magazines, journals, newspapers and Online. Shara is the founder and owner of Personal Child Stories. {In addition, various experts write guest articles for this early childhood site.}

Mommy Perks

About: Mommy Perks is owned by Shara Lawrence-Weiss (see above). Shara and her husband Rick work together from home, running Weiss Business Solutions and multiple sites under their web development business. Mommy Perks offers business and parenting articles: Writing about the pitfalls and perks of business and life. Shara has interviewed various celebrities and experts including Dr. Garber of the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE), Lisa Cypers Kamen (psychologist/Florida Department of Citrus), Lorie Marrero (national spokesperson for Goodwill), Ellie Krieger (The Food Network), Mark Bucher (Chef), Mia Hamm (Olympian), Barbara Corcoran (Shark Tank), and more. To watch the interviews please visit and click on the West Glen category. {In addition, various marketing, business and finance experts write guest articles for the Mommy Perks Blog.}

Language Castle

About: Language Castle LLC is the one-stop resource for everyone who teaches young children who speak different languages. Karen Nemeth, Ed.M. is an author, presenter, and consultant.