Sibling Book Play

Feb 23, 2013 by

By Shara Lawrence-Weiss

Each day our youngest daughter has time on her ‘floor area’ to play, dig into a toy box at will, chew on the toys, etc. I always place a few books around her, too, so she can pick them up and spin them around. This is one of the play strategies I’ve used with kids for years – placing books in fun locations so they can pick them up as wanted and flip through. I don’t consider this formal reading instruction, by any means. It’s simply a nice emergent literacy strategy to use, prior to a child entering school, where the formal reading approaches are taught.

If you home school, this may be a strategy you are already familiar with.

Two days ago my six year old ran over to sit on the floor area with the baby. She picked up one of the books and began to read it: “Giggle Giggle!” and “Do you want to play?” Each page offers just a few words to match the image of a baby’s expression. I grabbed my camera and captured this shot as my six year old showed her sister the page for “boo!”

S and S reading 2 2013

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