Our Letter Sticks are Contagious

Apr 10, 2013 by

Our Letter Sticks are Contagious

By Shara Lawrence-Weiss

My kids and I have been collecting letter sticks for weeks now. You can view the previous posts here:

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During recess today, at school, I sat on the sidelines watching the kids play. I glanced down at the ground and found a beautiful large stick in the shape of a J. I showed it to one child and then two more children ran over to ask about it. Later in the day we took a second recess and one kiddo sat on the sidelines with me. I said, “Honey – you can go play!” He replied, “No. I want to look for letter sticks again.”

Here’s what we found today! Y, F, Y, L, U, t, l, Y and L. I taped the letters onto paper so we can hang this in the classroom. I also wanted to show my own kids that our game has caught on!

Playground letters

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