Singing helps with language development

Feb 8, 2013 by

By Shara Lawrence-Weiss

After writing “Music helps language development” I stumbled upon this article: Singing to children may help development of language skills.

The articles states:

“Song is a special type of speech. Lullabies, songs and rhymes of every culture carry the ‘signature’ melodies and inflections of a mother tongue, preparing a child’s ear, voice and brain for language.”

I really enjoyed the last thought, shared in the article, as well: that movement matters. Simply put, singing + dancing = multiple benefits to the child.


In my home, it’s very important to me that the kids sing and dance on a regular basis. In addition to the language development assistance, singing and dancing boosts their mood and provides a time of exercise. I placed a stereo system in the kitchen, near a large open area. They can pop a CD in, at any given moment, so long as we don’t have something else going on. As you can tell, my stereo is quite old. It’s been around to the tune of ten years now! (It has a tape cassette spot, yep.) I taught the kids to use the CD area and they often run over and put music on in order to sing, dance, spin around, and make body motions.

Their baby sister (9 months) watches them and giggles – or her father and I dance around with her in our arms, alongside her siblings. She loves to dance with us and her face lights up. She kicks her little feet and listens intently to the words being sung.

We have a large selection of CD’s, most of which provide rhyming songs for kids. I have a few classical CD’s, also, and after reading the article above from I’ll be sure we listen to plenty of traditional lullabies and nursery rhymes, amidst the other choices. I sing to my kids every night at bedtime, as well. I rotate between various faith-based tunes, silly songs, and nursery rhymes. There have been a few occasions when I forgot to sing and they quickly reminded me, “Mom! You didn’t sing us a song! You have to sing!” They’ve come to count on this time of fun and learning.

CD collection

So … sing on! Sing on!


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  1. Ava

    Love this, if every family would sing & dance everyday, even for 5 min the world would be a better place.

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