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Key Questions to Ask While on a Preschool Tour

Getting ready to send your child to preschool is difficult for any parent, the fact that they are so young makes you worry about them even more. Not only are you mentally preparing to send your kid to school for the first time in their life, you are also faced with the task of finding the most appropriate setting to help them settle and learn in the right environment.

While on a preschool tour, consider asking these important questions to ensure you’re 100% comfortable with your final decision.

What is the School’s Philosophy?

You should be able to find out about this on their website, but if you haven’t had time to check online or is simply isn’t there, ask about their learning philosophy as you tour the preschool. Are all the teachers fully in tune with the school’s philosophy? Every school you visit will have their own way of teaching, so if they focus primarily on individual learning, ask them how they teach teamwork and cooperation.

How do they resolve conflicts & deal with disorderly students?

Young kids can be very hard to handle at times, they get stubborn and difficult to control, especially when mommy and daddy aren’t around. Instilling discipline in your child is important, but the way you do it is even more important. Ask the school about what they consider to be disruptive behaviour, when it occurs, they should deal with it in an effective manner.

Pre-schoolers are young kids who are in a new environment, learning about social norms and appropriate behaviour. They will inevitable hit and sometimes bite other students, so find out how the school deals with these issues. When searching for the best nursery in Bangkok, as a parent you should know about their policy on discipline and conflict resolution.

Do they have a significant staff turnover rate?

Young kids need to form positive relationships, so consistency is important. Find out how long the teachers have been at the school, a low turnover rate is great for children. It shows the teachers are happy and don’t plan to leave unexpectedly.

What kind of physical activity do they offer?

With the growing trend in child obesity, giving kids time to develop gross motor skills while staying physically active is vitally important. Research recommends kids get at least 1-hour playtime every day to ensure they stay fit and active.

How much screen-time will they get?

Technology is an important tool when it comes to learning, but that doesn’t mean you use it all the time. Find out how it is incorporated into each class, it should only be used supplement lessons and scree-time should be kept to a minimum where possible.

When choosing a preschool for your little one, do as much research as possible on the subject. You’ll want a learning rich environment that helps you kid to grow and develop a love of learning. They should be exposed to all kinds of fun, educational and creative activities, giving them the opportunity to explore and discover new experiences.

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