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How To Sell Brochure Popcorn

Popcorn brochures have come to be one of the fastest growing methods in the fundraising Industry. With this item, you can use it one more once in a year, and people will get to anticipate the next sale. Everyone loves good popcorn, making it the ultimate fundraising means in the book

How Do You Know Which Popcorn Fundraiser Is Best?

To begin with this fundraiser, you have to first find the popcorn fundraiser that is good for your group. When you do this, your order a popcorn seller which is in your school, tram or class. You can have them ask your friends and family or even your neighbors if they would be willing to support your cause by buying one or more of your popcorn. You can have your parents take it to the office for extra sales, which is a good idea since everyone loves a little snack on the job. This is a good way to spread the word on your fundraiser, and the use of a brochure makes it all the better as they get to see what it is you are advertising for and other details which you might like to add.

Which Popcorn Fundraiser is Best For Your Organization?

You might be wondering about the best popcorn fundraiser for you. You have to first figure out the price point of popcorn in your area. It could be $10 or $ 15 dollars. If you live in an affluent area, the use of a high-def price popcorn would be advisable. Another thing to put into consideration is the weather. The weather tends to affect how you ship your popcorn and where you live as well. Putting these into consideration is a good way to be ready and aware of the kind of popcorn fundraiser which would be suitable for you.

Tips To Help You Sell Even More Popcorn:

The more popcorn you sell, the more you are closer to achieving your goals, but how exactly can you make sure you sell a lot of popcorn. That’s very easy. The ways to ensure you do include:

  • Pick up your phone and call family and friends and tell your members for the same cause to do the same. Relatives and family have more chances of buying, and it would be a great way to move towards achieving your goal.
  • Make Proper use of social media. Just as effective as traditional advertising might be, the use of social media is Second to know. Using, for example, is a great way to post about your fundraiser and how people can help by buying a bag of popcorn. Ensure to collect their details and know that a lot of people make a lot of sales through the use of social media alone.
  • Communication is a good way to advertise your cause. Know where to go and how to sell. People to meet and how to engage in conversations as they could be your key to making a lot of sales remind your team to do the same as you all need the best teamwork you can get.

 Benefits Of Fundraising

There are a lot of benefits which come with fundraising, and they go from bringing in new supporters to your cause, developing camaraderie, and also increasing engagement. When you have full access to the public, and a team willing to achieve the same goals as you are, you have very little limiting factors holding you down now. It is a good way to motivate you to work hard to get funds and makes you more dedicated to your cause. Event fundraising, on the other hand, is a good way to achieve a lot as you get over 60% more profit through the use of event fundraising than solo fundraising.


The use of brochures is a good way to pass out the information you need to pass to the general public while they have something to snack on. Popcorn has come to be a people’s favorite over the years, and this is what makes them suitable for this task. So if you’re thinking of getting a fundraiser, why not Incorporate the use of popcorn brochures today?

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