Wikki Stix Letters (free play)

Mar 8, 2013 by

A while back I wrote a post about littering our environment with literacy tools. This week I decided to use our kitchen table as a Wikki Stix hangout. I put Wikki Stix inside a coffee can and placed them in the center of the table along with paper and a pair of scissors.

I allowed my daughter to go over, at will, to create something.

wikki stix on table

She created a name:

wikki stix name spelling

She then created a second name:

two names

This was a simple low-key activity that encouraged her to use the stix for letter formation – at her leisure. We’ll likely hang the pages on their Art Net. My younger son is starting to use the stix every day now, also. He can’t form letters yet, however, he is creating Wikki Stix art projects for me (on the pieces of paper that I leave out) and bringing them over: “Mom! Look what I made for you!” It’s certainly helping to build his enthusiasm and creativity.

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