Sick: Read a funny book!

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Sick: Read a funny book!

By Shara Lawrence-Weiss

Over in the kid’s area we have a bookshelf set up. We have a bookshelf in almost every room of our home but I like having one in the main kid’s area, also. I want my children to see books, often, and to be reminded of their presence. I want them to feel free to pick up a story and flip through.

Kid's Corner 2

Last week my kids were all sick. They took turns dealing with a stomach bug, spending time on the couch, recuperating. At one point I rounded the corner and found my six year old reading a book to her four year old brother. She told me, “I’m reading to my brother to make him feel better!”

Reading What's Silly

I love that – great moment! She had selected a funny story – of course! We love to laugh…

The book: “What’s Silly?”

I searched Online to find this story but I cannot locate it; it’s an older book and might be out of print now. At any rate – offer your children a wide range of books to select from, within their reach. It works!

About the Author

Shara has a background in early childhood, education, freelance, small business ownership and nanny work. She is a Special Education Paraprofessional (K-5th). Shara is especially interested in social emotional development, literacy, play, nature, fostering community and cultivating creativity. Shara currently writes for her own sites as well as for sites like Wikki Stix, Games for Educators and Southern Sitters & Nannies.


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