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Best Carpool Options You Surely Need Now

Offering passengers to share your trip is a way to reduce all or part of your transportation costs. It is also the possibility of breaking the solitude of long or tedious journeys. Carpooling is a booming phenomenon: one million people use this system every month to get around. If the average journey is 300 to 350 km, the requests are also very strong for local trips.

Whether for a one-off or more frequent need, carpooling allows you to travel at unbeatable prices. For a Rennes-Nantes for example, a participation of 6 € will be required, against 19 € for a train ticket at the senior rate (25 € at the normal price). Another advantage: flexibility. It is possible to find a ride the day before, or even the day itself. When you go for the carpool service for your child, this is why you can go for the free preschool management software now.

Specialized sites

There are several sites and applications for tablets and smartphones and each has its own specificity. For long trips, carpool is the most active (with 9 million users). However, for short and medium distances, you can find more targeted services with a regional influence. With the Invoicing Plans this is the best option now.

You have the choice between paid or free sites. Paying, they are full of useful services (online booking and payment, reciprocal evaluation systems). Carpool charge a commission of approximately 10% of the amount of the participation. But the free are not left behind: Free carpool, for example, is very complete.

Looking for a driver or passengers

You offer a journey by informing the places of departure and arrival, the day and time, the number of places available in your vehicle and the amount of the desired participation per passenger (see point 5). Then, identify yourself so that we can contact you. Most sites only disclose your details to their members. The registration and the deposit of the advertisement are free. Linking is usually billed to the passenger (except for Carpool Mop, which asks the driver for a percentage on the online booking option of 15% of the amount paid by passengers). The child care centre manager can help in such carpool transports.

You can search for a car on several sites, which multiplies the chances of finding, without obligation to identify you systematically. But, to contact the driver, you have to open an account.

The choice of fellow travelers

At the time of posting your ad, you have the option to issue preferences (non-smoking, do not listen to music, like to talk, accept or not the animals). If you are a woman and only want to travel with other women, you can mention it. When a passenger contacts you (by phone, email according to the wishes you have registered), you have the opportunity to consult his profile before accepting his request. Some sites have put in place a reciprocal driver-passenger evaluation system. In case of your child, these are the matters that you should be serious about.

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