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3 Keys To A Winning Popcorn Fundraiser

When you are new to fundraising or you don’t have a lot of experience, the reality is that hosting a popcorn fundraiser can be intimidating, confusing, and even exhausting.

One of the things that you need to understand about hosting a popcorn fundraiser event is that it takes time and money. However, when you are certain about the goal that you want to achieve and the reasons truly motivate you, then you should definitely go ahead and host your own popcorn fundraiser event.

While popcorn fundraiser events are becoming more and more popular every day, many people still don’t like the main idea of asking for money. Many people just can’t feel comfortable in this situation even when they are asking for a good cause. However, when you believe in the goal of the event, no matter if you are trying to raise funds for your kids’ school or for an animal shelter, you can be sure that you will overcome this problem.

When you are trying to raise funds with a popcorn fundraiser event for your children, this can be even harder. So, here are the three main keys that will help you maintain your focus during the entire time:

#1: Set A Goal:

When you decide that you need to raise funds for your kids, the first thing that you need to do with other parents is to establish a clear goal for the popcorn fundraiser event that you will be hosting. You should first see exactly what you need and how much it cost. If you don’t have access to the real costs, do an estimative.

Everyone that is participating in the popcorn fundraiser event needs to know the goal and what you are all going to do to achieve it. One of the things that you can do to ensure that you will have a winning popcorn fundraiser is to give everyone else a task. Kids should also have their share of responsibility. They can help sell popcorn, for example, or they can be holding the signs pointing to where the event is occurring. The most important thing here is to establish a clear goal and then distributing tasks ensuring that everyone is involved with the popcorn fundraiser event and committed to reach the goal.

#2: Determine How You Will Raise The Necessary Funds:

Now that you already know how much you need to raise, it is important to determine what you need to do to get there.

One of the things that you need to think about is the price that you will be charging for the popcorn. Then, you can also consider offering different flavors to ensure that if someone gets out of the event and didn’t contribute to the cause, it wasn’t because of not having the right popcorn.

But you can also think about other alternatives to get more money or, at least, to get it at a faster pace. If some of the kids know how to sing or play an instrument, they can do so during the event. This will not only be a different way to get more people attending your popcorn fundraiser event but you can also consider selling entry tickets. In case you opt for the ticket selling you need to carefully think about the prices.

#3: Be Clear When Talking To The Attendants Of Your Popcorn Fundraiser Event:

No matter if you are comfortable or not asking for funds for your kids, the truth is that you already came a long way to stop now. If you did a good job, most people already know why they are there. Nevertheless, it is your job to ensure that everyone knows exactly what they are donating for.

Let’s say that your kids need a new uniform. In this case, you should tell people that the kids need new uniforms and you should show them a picture of them. So, you just need to have your smartphone with you to show them the picture. In case you don’t want to show them, you can print several images of the uniforms in a larger size and spread them around the event where people can see the new uniforms you are looking to buy.

In case this is the first or one of the first popcorn fundraiser events that you are organizing, you probably don’t know, but people are usually more willing to donate when they see how their money is going to be spent. And in this case, there is nothing better than the image of the new uniforms.

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